A Veterans Day Movement

One Burpee For Every Dollar Raised
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Mission: $150,000 for our nation's heroes

$207,886.80 $150,000

Amount Raised


Challenge Participants


Participant Leaderboard

Patrick Enright BurpeesForVets
$ 4,332
Jim Thompson BurpeesForVets
$ 3,076
Dan Orourke BurpeesForVets
$ 2,796
Beachside Fitness BurpeesForVets
$ 2,500
Big Tree Fitness BurpeesForVets
$ 2,378
Richard Swartley BurpeesForVets
$ 2,326
F45 Pearlridge Coaches BurpeesForVets
$ 2,188
Brian's 1000 Burpee Fundraiser
$ 1,935
Brian Pochmara BurpeesForVets
$ 1,934
Deep End Fitness X BurpeesForVets
$ 1,734

The #BurpeesForVets Campaign

The Challenge

Leaders across the country are raising money for veteran nonprofits and doing a burpee for every dollar donated!

You read that right!
 Turn your Veterans Day workout into a killer burpee challenge that makes a difference for our nation's heroes.

Never fundraised before? No problem! Everyone who steps up to the challenge is paired with a personal fundraising coach to ensure they're successful in hitting their fundraising and burpee goal!

Are you up for the challenge? 

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Veteran Resources Hub

We've crowdsourced a central hub of opportunities and resources for veterans and veteran families

With the right skills and opportunities, our transitioning service members can be incredible leaders in their lives!

We're working with partners to offer fitness services, career development programs, community support, free online mental health resources, and more...

All provided by the BurpeesForVets ecosystem of corporations, nonprofits, and local community groups.

Visit The Resources Hub

if you’d like to offer an opportunity on our hub, please contact burpeesforvets@forpurpose.com

The Mission

Creating a new narrative for veterans: Empowerment

Traditionally, support for our Veteran community has focused on suicide prevention, substance abuse, and homelessness interventions. While this is urgent and life-changing work, it has painted an unfortunate picture where many people associate these issues with Veterans as a whole.

Our mission is to change the public perception about what it means to support veterans. Through proactive programming that facilitates successful transition out of military service, our veterans can continue to be elite leaders who add incredible value to society.

This is the truth about our nation's heroes. We can leverage the many outstanding values, traits and skills honed in military service to build the civic leaders of tomorrow. And with your help we can tell the world about it!


All donations go directly to five highly-vetted nonprofits that help veterans transition out of military service and into their civilian life. These organizations deliver programming within the 3 pillars of successful transition, which are mental wellness, workforce development, and community building.